Inspection SERVICES

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Residential Purchase Inspections

The purchase of a new home, whether it be your first or your fifth, can be an exciting (but occasionally crazy!) experience. At ThermaSpect, our goal is to make the inspection process as streamlined, efficient, and comprehensive as possible. By incorporating thermal imaging options, aerial views, and other invaluable features into our inspections, we are committed to providing the most informative report possible to our clients, each and every time. Call (615) 955-4041 today to discuss your inspection!

Home Warranty Inspections

If you purchase a home warranty with your new home, an 11th Month (or earlier) Home Warranty Inspection can help identify any significant issues or concerns prior to the expiration of your warranty. This can be an invaluable resource in filing a claim and can help reduce pushback from the warranty company or builder. Contact us today at (615) 955-4041 before your warranty runs out!

Maintenance Inspections

Periodic maintenance and upkeep is the single most important factor affecting the longevity of your home, and damage caused by deferred maintenance can be unbelievably expensive. Our maintenance inspections cover the most critical components of your home, including the foundation, roof, heating and air conditioning system, main and secondary electrical panels, and water heater, as well as any specific concerns you may have. We want you to spend your money where it counts, on maintaining your home, and at only $150, we make this service super affordable so you can do just that!

Focused Investigative Inspections

When we get work done on our home, whether it's a brand new build, roof replacement, or simply a leaky faucet repair, we want it done right. When it's not, small things turn into big things: minor leaks turn into flooded wall cavities, cut attic rafters turn into sagging rooflines, and worse. Our focused investigative inspections are designed to support our clients in filing warranty claims and, should legal recourse be necessary, to provide expert reports and testimony. By examining and evaluating specific damage, determining root causes, and assessing the circumstances surrounding relevant scopes of work, we provide our clients with the information they need to obtain the results they deserve to make it right.

Damage-Based Inspections

Damage-based inspections are designed to help determine the extent of damages, particularly in an inter-disciplary context, for example when a long-existing roof leak spreads into the walls and ceilings, affecting the roof, framing, insulation, electrical, or other related systems.  All damage-based inspections involving possible water intrusion or water damage include FREE thermal imaging.

Thermographic Evaluations


Thermal imaging translates variations in surface temperatures into visual images, allowing us to find issues not visible to the human eye. Common issues discovered using thermal imaging include everything from missing insulation and active water leaks to overheated electrical components and air conditioning air leaks. While it's not quite x-ray vision, it's certainly the next best thing! Choose between a free thermal imaging evaluation or home security assessment with each full service home inspection!

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Drone- and Pole Based Roof Inspections​
(included free when needed!)

On occasion we run into rooftops which are simply too high or too steep to ascend safely. In these instances, rather than being forced to rely solely on binoculars or other ground-based optical devices, we employ pole-mounted cameras or aerial drones to view all areas of the roof surface from as little as five feet overhead, giving a much better view than that achieved when viewed from ground level.

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Additional Inspection Areas


Irrigation Systems

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Hot Tubs


Swimming Pools